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If you want to permanently eliminate pain from your life, you must first start with full relaxation. When you completely relax your pain relief are related in this way.

  • Your body relaxes and releases movement habits and positions that initially caused pain; which then allows " Your body will therefore return to a natural state painless and therefore Your pain literally fades.
  • Your pain literally fades.

So let's explain briefly what we at Drunden understand each of these simple steps: The state of relaxation is deeper than ever before. This is because even if you think you're relaxed, for example, you're not a member of the European Parliament. While relaxing on your favorite chair, some muscles in your body are still working to keep you in that position.

When you say "completely relaxed", you mean that the whole body is simultaneously relaxed. All your muscles and nervous system are completely relaxed at the same time. To achieve this deep state of relaxation, you need to lie down in such a way that each part of the body is completely aligned and supported to the naturally painless state of balance of your body.

When you spend time in a naturally aligned and balanced position, your body releases your basic tensions, stresses and pains; automatically adjusts and realigns internally.

Your body naturally shapes new habits that automatically keep you in a painless state. And when this happens, your pain disappears permanently. All this happens in a state of complete relaxation.